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Major Application Areas of Drone. Defense. As the inception of drones started with its use in defense, it is the most important area even today where drones are used. EMERGENCY RESPONSE $ DISASTER MANAGEMENT. URBAN PLANNING. CONSERVATION OF ENDANGERED SPICES. HEALTHCARE. AGRICULTURE. WEATHER FORECASTING and what not

Airmagic Drone India

Pure AirMagic: This Award-Winning Photo Editing Company Now Makes Software for Your Drone

Post sponsored by Skylum. Professional drone operators in a wide variety of verticals are responsible for providing their clients with professional-quality images –...
Gremsy-Drone Indiavideo

The Gremsy T3 for Industrial Applications: Power Line Inspection Takes Flight in the U.S.

Transmission lines are often located in mountainous or remote areas, making on-foot or helicopter inspections difficult, time-consuming, and dangerous.  Inspections rely on manual labor that doesn’t always capture accurate...

A Japanese firm’s drone-like unmanned flying car looks like straight out of the future

A Japanese firm’s drone-like unmanned flying car. The NEC Corp conducted a successful test run of its quadcopter – a 148 km four-rotor model that...
Future Drones India

The Future of Drones: Uncertain, Promising and Pretty Awesome

Could the skies one day be blackened by drones? Advances in technology suggest so, though the U.S. may fall behind as the tech flounders in regulatory...
Amazon-Prime-Air-Drone Indiavideo

Ready for Takeoff? New Rules Would Limit Some Uses for Drones

Under the new regulations, Amazon's Prime Air would be stuck on the ground. Credit: ...

How Might Drone Racing Drive Innovation?

Racing drones in flight.Credit: The Drone Racing League, CC BY-ND ...
Pix4DMapper Drone India

Pix4D Photogrammetry Software for senseFly Drones

Pix4D’s advanced photogrammetry software uses the images captured by drones to generate 3D models and maps, such as professional orthomosaics, point clouds, 3D models and more. The...
uaslogic drone india

Review of DJI’s Pix4D Mapper

Earth caption Product Review We all have 2D photos, but only a few of us may have thought of the...
ueronte Autopilot Drone Indiavideo

Capsule dropping with drones for reforestation & pest control

Ueronte Autopilot Until today, reforestation and pest control jobs have been performed with traditional methods for capsule dropping. Using light manned aircraft whose entail high...
Drone Capture Drone India

The complete beginner’s guide to drone photography

Never has it been so easy to capture aerial images of some of the world’s most stunning (and sometimes hard to reach) places. The...
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