Construction job sites are rapidly taking it to the skies.

One innovation that has revolutionized the construction industry in recent years is the commercial drone. With construction companies planning to spend over $11.2 billion on drones within the next few years, these vehicles are becoming the new industry standard.

Drones offer a distinct aerial advantage and data collection tools. With valuable features such as thermal sensors, high-resolution cameras, and modeling software, drones are applied throughout an entire building project with an investment of less than $1000. Construction managers use them to scope out a project, monitor worker safety, and inspect the quality of the construction. As drones continue to streamline building projects, companies are seeing them as powerful business tools. According to JB Knowledge, 37% of construction firms are experimenting with drones.

To show how drones are changing the way we build, BigRentz created an animated infographic that highlights the six uses of construction drones.

drones-in-construction infographic

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