DJI has had a bumper year – but it’s been a year in which it has focused a lot on products that aren’t drones. Devices like the DJI Osmo Action and DJI Robomaster S1 have grabbed headlines. Now, the company looks set to turn back to drones with a potential DJI Mavic Mini.

The DJI Mavic Mini is far from confirmed but there’s been a lot of leaks and rumours surrounding the likelihood of its release.

The concept of the Mavic Mini is extremely intriguing and a lot of the interest comes from the prospective name. If the product is an entry-level offering then it could’ve made sense for it to be the DJI Spark 2 but that doesn’t seem to the case.

If the new drone is referred to as the DJI Mavic Mini, it makes the suggestion that the new drone is a significant departure from the Spark and could be a slightly more professional offering than DJI’s last small drone.

The specs would be:

  • The drone will indeed weigh a mere 249 grams making it an ultralight aircraft
  • It will have a 30-minute maximum flight time.
  • It will have 2.5 miles of HD video transmission.
  • It will have a vision sensor plus GPS precise hover
  • A three-axis gimbal that provides 2.7 k video footage.

The DJI Mavic mini is expected to be released on 30th october

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